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Virtual Reality

Lose yourself in a Virtual world

I can design, build the 3D models and graphics, develop and program Virtual Reality presentations for both the Samsung Odyssey and HTC Vive platforms. I use Autodesk 3D Max to build the models, Adobe Photoshop for the 2D graphics, throw it all into the Unity game engine, and make it come to life with C# through Visual Studio. I built the Fear Of Heights Virtual Reality Trainer below for the United States Air Force as a training aid to test students for "fear of heights" tendencies before training to work on power lines. This is a video of me walking the Fear Of Heights trainer. The main video is what I actually see in my headset sync'd with an inset video of me actually walking the plank. I'll add 2 more Virtual Reality videos when I have them done: a C-130J Turbo Prop Engine and an F-15 Fighter cockpit.